I am a Ph.D student at University of Pittsburgh. I work with Prof. Jeff Cohn on automatic identification and evaluation of pyschotherapy treatments and mental-health related problems such as depression and OCD through visual and non-verbal information.

Previously, I was a Computer Vision Researcher at Playment, a computer vision and robotics data-annotation startup. I graduated with a master’s by research degree from IIIT-H, India. I was briefly a visiting researcher at SeSaMe(now n-CRiPT) lab at National University of Singapore. I was working with Prof. Ramanathan Subramanian and Prof. Mohan Kankanhalli on mutimodal emotion perception problem. My interests include Machine learning for Human-centered Computing, Affective Computing and Multimodal Multimedia applications. I am looking for opportunities with Applications in human behaivoral understanding and emotion analysis.

I also write on Quora and blog about some interesting seminars in Pittsburgh and deep learning papers.